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Curtinnovation Awards

The Curtinnovation Awards, previously called the Curtin Commercial Innovation Awards, were established in 2007 and represent our commitment to ensuring that exceptional research outcomes translate into new products and services. The competition is now a focal point of the innovation calendar in Western Australia.

The key objectives of the program are:

  • to identify new technologies, products or services arising from research at Curtin
  • to promote awareness of commercialisation at Curtin both internally and to an external audience
  • to educate staff and students in commercial matters.

2018 awards

The 2018 awards have a prize pool of more than $30,000.

Applications have now closed and shortlisted candidates will be advised shortly. Pitches to our judging panel will be held on Friday 13 July.

For more information, please contact Commercialisation on 9266 4703 or email