Video series: Research in Action

Researchers from our School of Built Environment provide insightful discussions into their experiences as researchers through this series of videos.

Courtney Babb

Courtney’s research is concerned with sustainable urban transport systems and political economies, which involves travel behaviour, demand, policy, planning for walking and cycling, and integrated land use, as well as children’s geographies.

Annette Condello

Annette researches the architectural transformation of luxury in the ancient world and its impact on the modern and contemporary West and is interested in the fields of architectural dialogue with cuisine, spoils, landscape and fashion in Europe and Australasia; and Italian modernism in Latin America.

George Curry

George’s projects intersect with the areas of geography, food security and sustainable livelihoods, particularly in the context of PNG.

Amanda Davies

Amanda is a researcher in the areas of leadership, gender issues, volunteering, rural development, population geography and demographics.

Dr Tod Jones and Dr Shaphan Cox

Todd and Shaphan’s projects intersect with the areas of geography, sustainable livelihoods and cultural heritage.

Gina Koczberski

Gina’s research is concerned with migrant and smallholder livelihood practices, socio-economic change, and rural development and projects including the socio-economic change in smallholder oil palm and cocoa production in PNG.