Dr Susan Barkdoll is Curtin Lifetime Achievement Award winner

Science educator and Curtin Lifetime Achievement Award winner Dr Susan Barkdoll reflects on 30 years of teaching, from kindergarten to university level in San Bernardino, California.

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School of Education

STEM Education

Agbon Stephen Enoma (Senior Special Education Teacher, Department of Education (WA))
“Building on my Master of Special Education I chose to study at Curtin because it is highly regarded internationally and because it had a team of supervisors whose wealth of expertise and long-standing experience could guide me in my area of research interest.”

“A highlight from my time at Curtin has been the development of an assessment tool for mathematics students with intellectual disability and others with mathematics learning difficulty.”

Dr Adit Gupta (Joint Director at Model Institute of Education and Research)
“Through studying with Curtin, I developed strong work ethics, a secular outlook, interest in world cultures, out-of-the-box thinking capability, a great respect for academic values, the teaching profession and a belief in the transformational power of education and technology.”

“Having been exposed to international-quality education with Curtin I was given the responsibility of developing a modern work culture in my organisation with major focus on educational research.”

“As the Director of the organisation, I lead a team of over 200 academic and administrative personnel. I have been instrumental in getting the coveted “Autonomous Status’ and the status of ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ for our teacher education college from the University Grants Commission.”

Melissa McMinn (Lecturer (Education) at Higher Colleges of Technology)
“I have a primary education background, but have been working in teacher education in the United Arab Emirates for over five years, at both the under- and postgraduate levels.”

“I plan to complete my PhD and continue to work in teacher education while furthering my research portfolio in maths and science education and I am considering undertaking a master in educational psychology.”

“My advice to future students would be to get involved! There may never be a ‘right time’ to get back into studying, so just go for it!”

Dr Greg Morgan (Head of School at Australian School of Applied Management)
“The study led me to a much richer understanding of contemporary leadership than I would otherwise have attained. It enabled me to iteratively reflect on and inquire into my practice of leadership, the process of which had a personally transformative effect. The learning journey sparked by my PhD, and which will continue for as long as I draw breath, has also enabled me to offer leadership professional learning to colleagues across a range of sectors, culminating in my taking up a senior position with a private company engaged in developing and offering leadership programs.”

“While peer and department recognition has been affirming, my greatest achievement remains seeing the ‘Aha!’ moments in students’ eyes – formerly school students, and more so now their teachers and principals.”

Dr Linda Pfeiffer (Lecturer and Research Fellow at CQUniversity)
“I have been a lecturer, tutor, course coordinator, and Research Fellow. Currently I am the Senior Education Academic on Gladstone Marina campus. I am coordinating a three-year project in STEM education and I am developing a new unit in Gladstone called STEM Education and Engagement. Recent Drone Races, which formed part of this project, have gained valuable exposure to the potential of coding and attracted over 50 media articles across QLD and NSW.”

Philip Teal, PhD (Principal Consultant at Talent and Organisation Development Consultants, HK & Guangzhou (China))
“While my thesis will apply what I have researched within an Australian context, in theory my work can support any organisation globally. As I prepare to return to Australia I hope my experience will help to shape future STEM Education and leadership development programs to better appreciate the rich talent resources that remain untapped in Australia.”

School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry

Social Sciences and Security Studies

Aberdeen-Curtin Alliance enriches student’s creative work on Scotland’s witch trials

Atop a small hill in Orkney, a town in the Northern Isles of Scotland, pink flowers sprout from the middle of a neat hedge. This idyllic sight belies the horrific events that occurred there during the 17th century – the execution of numerous women accused of witchcraft.

Ashleigh Angus is a Curtin PhD student unearthing this significant period in Scottish history through a work of historical fiction that explores the lives of Orkney women condemned to death for ‘consorting with fairies’.

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PhD candidate adds to Australia’s leading think tank

The eminent Lowy Institute recently published an opinion piece written by Social Sciences and Security Studies PhD candidate Anne-Marie Balbi in The Interpreter.

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More from Social Sciences and Security Studies

Bringing 13 years of experience working for the Australian Department of Defence, Social Sciences and Security Studies PhD candidate Victor Abramowicz, has recently had two opinion-pieces published in The Interpreter by the Lowy Institute for International Policy:

  • North Korea’s strangely disorganised missile program
  • Trump’s confused mercantilism
  • Trump wants to work with Assad. Can Australia follow?
  • Future Frigates and the wisdom of large surface ships
  • Don’t panic: The Trump presidency and Australia’s defence needs

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