Global South Nexus (GSN)

School of Design and the Built Environment

The New Urban Agenda (NUA) set out by the United Nations in 2016 for the next 20 years, and the
current Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve to influence the direction for much of future
research, especially in the disciplines/areas of urban planning, architecture, construction
management, urban governance, environmental and disaster management and resilience. There is
also an increasing realisation of the need to promote an exchange of knowledge and sharing of best
practices and experiences between Global North and Global South.

GSN facilitates the generation of knowledge through the identification of innovative transdisciplinary
approaches to tackle urgent and emergent issues in the Global South. It will search for solutions that
enable good governance through effective policy and regulations, set appropriate codes and design
criteria, and, most importantly, encourage emancipated voices and debates among global
stakeholders of development across the Global North and South.

Aims and Objectives
• Integrate SDGs in University teaching and research
• Undertake exchange of knowledge and practice between the Global North and South
• Foster research innovation in sustainable transformation in the Global South
• Demonstrate DBE’s research commitment for co-creating sustainable built environment

GSN International Advisors
• Dr Michael Douglass, University of Hawaii
• Dr Astrid Ley, University of Stuttgart

School of Design and the Built Environment, Curtin University GSN Researchers
Dr Mohammad Swapan
Director, Graduate Research
School of Design and the Built Environment