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Wellbeing and independent living

Our aim is to help Western Australians live healthy and happy lives in their communities and homes.

The Wellness & Independent Living research domain will develop the knowledge that will help make people healthier and be able to stay at home for as long as possible.  We will:

  • decide if where we live and work is healthy;
  • work out ways to grow old safely and healthily;
  • look at what food is good for us and how we make sure people get enough of it;
  • decide what exercise and activities will keep us healthy and prevent disease;
  • help people understand what different medicines people may be taking and whether it may be safer if they didn’t have to take them all;
  • help people preventing or stopping pain in their bones and joints;
  • look at the health of priority populations including:
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples,
    • survivors of interpersonal violence including domestic violence,
    • culturally and linguistically diverse people
    • people who have come from overseas
    • people who are gender diverse

We work closely with people with lived experience, the people who help them and Government to make the health of all Western Australians as good as it can be.