Next generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) framework

Professor Elizabeth Chang, Dr Kit Yan Chan and Dr Omar Hussain from the Digital Ecosystems and Business Intelligence Institute (DEBII) have been awarded an ARC Linkage grant with funding to commence in July 2011 and conclude in 2014.  Details of the project and funding are outlined below.

Project Summary
In the current competitive times, organisations need to improve their service delivery and customer care processes and provide customised service to customers. This project develops a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) framework that can extract intelligence and relationships from multiple data sources to improve customer management and satisfaction in public and private organisations. The partner organisation is Department of Transport (WA).

Year  Funding
2011 $57,000
2012 $114,000
2013 $114,000
2014 $57,000
Primary FoR 1505 Marketing