Creating and sustaining a strong future for volunteering in Australia

Dr Kirsten Holmes from the Tourism Research Cluster and School of Marketing has received funding for the following research under the ARC Linkage Grants Scheme for the period 2014-2017. Kirsten is the Lead Investigator for this project.

Project Summary

This project seeks to answer the question of how to increase social participation by converting non-volunteers tot the benefits of volunteering. In Australia today, communities and governments are increasingly dependent on volunteers to build social capital and deliver an increasing range of services. A world first, this project aims to create new theory by examining three levels of analysis: the micro level of the individual volunteer or non-volunteer; the mezzo level of the volunteer-involving organisation; and the macro level of society. This innovative approach aims to identify, analyse and develop a tool to help organisations build Australia’s civil society and develop policy to create a sustainable volunteer sector into the future.

Field of Research Codes

1117: Public Health and Health Services