Our people

BRDL Director

Vidy Potdar Associate Professor Vidy Potdar
Associate Professor Vidy Potdar is a multi-award winning researcher and the Director of the Blockchain R&D Laboratory at Curtin University. He has a degree in Computer Science and a PhD in Information and Cyber Security and is currently engaged in research and development in Blockchain, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies.He works closely with industry and undertakes practical; real-world industry focussed research projects. He has secured several research grants from industry and government to drive research in emerging areas of technology like blockchain, internet of things, sensor networks and deep learning.He is actively involved in Blockchain research and secured external funding to drive research on blockchain. He has secured over $1.6 million in external research funds.He also runs a YouTube channel on Blockchain called “Dr Blockchain”

Natsoft Team

About Natsoft:

Natsoft is a rapidly growing global organization with a wide range of capabilities in Advisory & Industry Consulting, Digital Technology Solutions, Project Implementation and Support Services.

Natsoft helps enterprises and governments to solve real-life challenges, transform operations, improve customer service and create new business models by leveraging Blockchain and other digital technologies such as IoT, Big Data Analytics, RPA and Enterprise Persuasive Technologies.

Natsoft Consulting is a subsidiary of Natsoft Corporation which has more than a decade of experience in IT services and consulting, it has served several mid-sized to Fortune 500 clients and delivered exceptional value to them.

Natsoft team

Shyam R Mamidi
Director, Natsoft Corporation
25 years of Industry, Management and IT Consulting experience, Ex- Partner & VP at IBM
Srinivas Boyapati
Managing Director, Natsoft Consulting Pty Ltd
An experienced Management and Consultancy professional with 30+ years of experience in Information Technology, Operations Technology and Process Automation
Adi Kota
Advisor, Natsoft Consulting Pty Ltd
An experienced Management and Consultancy professional with 20+ years of ICT experience predominantly in energy and utilities sector
Gopal Bang
Business Development Manager
15 years of experience spread across Finance, Operations, Business Development and Blockchain solutions for Governments & Enterprises

BRDL Staff