About Us

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What we do

The Blockchain Research and Development Lab (BRDL) is a hub for the research, design and development of implementable blockchain solutions for industry problems.

The BRDL aims to proactively resolve industry challenges through our ongoing research, and will also develop solutions based on requests from the industry and government agencies.

Our work focuses on blockchain, distributed ledger and cryptocurrency related solutions, and will extend to associated technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data and analytics where appropriate.

The BRDL intends to develop close collaborations with industry and government bodies to proactively discuss and address current issues, either through existing blockchain platforms and associated digital technologies, or by carrying out further research to create new solutions. Meet Our Team!

Our lab will offer students and researchers the opportunity to gain practical knowledge, by participating in the end-to-end lifecycle of Analysis, Research, Design and Implementation of blockchain solutions.

Students will get a chance to work on research topics associated with implementation of blockchain technology and will learn about process re-engineering and adoption of blockchain solutions through their involvement, further increasing process adherence, and the adoption of blockchain platforms by clients. Check out the Blockchain Training Program!

We will build on our blockchain capabilities by engaging with experts and researchers from a wide range of disciplines (including Technology, Industry, Research houses, Leading Blockchain Platforms) to tackle interdisciplinary problems and challenges related to the developing and implementing blockchain technologies.

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About Natsoft

Natsoft is a rapidly growing global organisation with a wide range of capabilities in Advisory & Industry Consulting, Digital Technology Solutions, Project Implementation and Support Services. Natsoft helps enterprises and governments to solve real-life challenges, transform operations, improve customer service and create new business models by leveraging Blockchain and other digital technologies such as IoT, Big Data Analytics, RPA and Enterprise Persuasive Technologies.

Natsoft Consulting is a subsidiary of Natsoft Corporation which has more than a decade of experience in IT services and consulting, it has served several mid-sized to Fortune 500 clients and delivered exceptional value to them.

The Blockchain Research and Development Laboratory aims to lead innovation and adoption of blockchain by:

Leading from the front

  • Being thought leaders in the blockchain space – using our expertise to drive industry innovation and adoption to deliver customer success.

Engage, Educate and Embrace

  • We aim to foster industry collaboration, and will engage, educate and bring awareness of the advantages of blockchain technology to industry and the community.
  • Our goal is to create an ecosystem within and across industries, and to bring regulators and policy creators closer to businesses.
  • We will promote the adoption and embracing of new technologies to bring efficiency and transparency to systems and process.


  • The BRDL will accelerate the development of Proof of Concepts (POC’s) and create minimum viable products (MVP’s) to showcase new solutions and test how our solutions will co-exist with the current operational and financial systems.
  • We aim to drive implementation of blockchain MVPs, POCs and pilot programs for high-impact industry use-cases through a well-defined pilot and roll out approach, which promotes adoption and reduces the delivery risks.


  • We will develop, implement and provide support for blockchain projects/programs
  • The BRDL will perform research & development in-house and in partnership with leading technologists to develop best in class, enterprise-grade blockchain solutions
  • Develop schemes to promote the adoption of blockchain technology and to realise the benefits of blockchain solutions on a larger scale

How can we help

Industry and government agencies can approach the BRDL to seek solutions and research on the issues being faced today, including the topics of traceability, authentication, cross enterprise efficiencies, and reducing intermediaries in the supply chain.