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Curtin University
Office of Research & Development

Community of Science (COS)

The COS database provides information about funding opportunities, an expertise database and funding alerts.

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Funding Opportunities Database

The Funding Opportunities Database is a comprehensive collection of international and Australian funding opportunities, and includes opportunities in all academic discipline areas. Many of the international schemes are open to Australian researchers, and most Australian schemes are included. Any Curtin staff member or postgraduate student with an expertise profile on COS can access this database from any internet connected computer in the world via their workbench. Staff who do not have a profile can access the database from any Curtin networked computer.

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Expertise profiles

These profiles are maintained by individual staff, and are required to receive funding alerts. They provide comprehensive information on past, current and emerging research interests, together with contact details, keywords, publications, grants and patents. Each profile has a unique URL, and can be used to generate a Word formatted CV. Any Curtin staff member or postgraduate student without a profile is welcome to establish one at the COS registration page.

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Expertise database

Staff can access researcher profiles from colleagues based in Australia and overseas. This expertise forms part of a global database , which can be used to identify research interests of colleagues from within Curtin and internationally. This global database is used by universities, and organisations that fund research, to identify potential collaborators or research expertise. Staff can access expertise via COS itself or via the portal COS Scholar Universe. COS Scholar Universe also provides access to the Papers Invited website which is a database of upcoming conferences and special editions of journals.

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Funding alert service

This is a customised email alert service: Individual staff are notified of funding opportunities based on the keywords and other criteria specified in the searches they set up. Staff have full control over their alerts and can revise them at any time to make them broader or more precise. Results of the searches are delivered in a single email each Monday: the email contains links into the relevant COS database records. These can also be viewed from within your own COS web-based workbench.

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Individual workbenches

Each profile has its own web-based workbench, which provides full access to the funding opportunities and the expertise databases as well as other services. If you do not have a profile these services can only be accessed via a Curtin networked computer. The workbench provides full assess to your saved searches and funding alerts, and can be customised.

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Training sessions

Training sessions will be run to provide support to users of these services. To find out more about sessions available please contact Dianne Jeffery at

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The following Powerpoint tutorials can be downloaded:

Note: These documents can only be downloaded if you are accessing the Internet from a Curtin networked computer.

The Office of Research and Development welcomes feedback and will pass comments onto COS, who are keen to optimise their services. Feedback and queries can be emailed to

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