Learning Employment Aptitudes Program (LEAP)

LEAP project information

The Australian Technology Network’s Learning Employment Aptitudes Program (ATN-LEAP) project is a collaborative venture across the five universities that form the ATN (Curtin University, Queensland University of Technology, RMIT University, the University of South Australia and the University of Technology, Sydney).

All the universities in this network share a heritage of working with industry and they are using that knowledge to provide postgraduate research students the opportunity to increase their awareness of key issues that increase their employability.

The ATN-LEAP program provides the opportunity to expand your cohort of research colleagues. The networking amongst students from different cultures and subject disciplines creates a virtual campus that enhances learning and facilitates the exchange of innovative ideas.

Information about the modules

The ATN-LEAP website provides comprehensive information about the program. General information about the six modules is contained on the ATN’s eGrad School LEAP Modules webpage.

The six modules offered are:

  • Entrepreneurship (UniSA)
  • Global Sustainability (RMIT)*
  • Leadership and Communication (Curtin)
  • Project Management (UTS)
  • Public Policy (RMIT)
  • Research Commercialisation (QUT)

* There is a considerable online video and audio component to the delivery of this module so you will need sound and the capacity to receive video images on your computer.

ATN LEAP moderated modules for 2017

This is the schedule for the moderated modules. To participate in one of these rounds you will need to register by contacting Curtin’s project administrator via grs.training@curtin.edu.au once the offered modules are advertised (usually a month before the commencement date).

DatesLEAP Modules
29 April - 2 June 2017 - Week 0 (Orientation) starts 24 AprilEntrepreneurship
Project Management
Leadership and Communication
Research Commercialisation
Global Sustainability
19 August - 22 September 2017 Week 0 (Orientation) starts 14 AugustEntrepreneurship
Project Management
Leadership and Communication
Research Commercialisation
Public Policy