Seminars and training

This page contains a list of upcoming seminars and training offered by the GRS for HDR students and supervisors. A variety of sessions in key program areas are offered.

Students usually register via UniHub (login using your student OASIS details, click on ‘Events and Workshops’, and type ‘HDR thesis’ into the ‘Search Events’ field).  UniHub is an excellent resource for HDR students to find a range of seminars and workshops offered by areas such as Careers, The Learning Centre and The Centre for Entrpreneurship.

Supervisors usually register via iPerform (log into Staff OASIS, go to the My Work tab, select iPerform, browse for training, search ‘HDR Supervisor …).

The left-hand menu contains links to other areas that provide programs for research students and supervisors.

The Notes and iLecture page contains ilectures and ppt slides from previous seminars and workshops for to download, with the exception of the HDR Supervisor Induction Resources page and the HDR Postgraduate Orientation Resources page.

Upcoming Seminars and Events for 2017

*Staff who attend any training session marked with an asterisk will meet the professional development criteria required for entry to the Register of Supervisors.

HDR Supervisors – Process of Thesis Examination*

Date: Wednesday 6 September  2017
Time:  12pm – 1.30pm
Registration is via iPerform (log into the Staff Portal, select iPerform, browse for training, search ‘HDR Supervisors – Process of Thesis Examination).