Thesis committee members

The Interim Thesis Committee is a supervisory panel formally appointed by the Faculty Graduate Studies Committee on approval of Admission and associated with a specific student.  The composition of the Thesis Committee is confirmed on approval of Candidacy.  These roles and responsibilities are similar for both the Interim and permanent Thesis Committee, according to the student’s progress in candidature.

Roles and responsibilities of:

Supervisor Contribution Percentages

The tables below display the recommended supervision distribution for a thesis committee.  For the Interim Thesis Committee, if only an Interim Chairperson and Interim Supervisor are nominated, then the Interim Supervisor shall be allocated 100%. This is the only occasion that 100% can be allocated to a member of the thesis committee.  If additional members are nominated, then allocations shall be made according the to Standard Supervision Arrangements table.

The following should be noted:

  • The Chairperson is the only member of the committee who is not assigned a percentage;
  • The minimum percentage allocation is 10%;
  • Slight changes to the other percentages listed within the tables below can be made in 5% increments (up or down) of what is stated in the table.
  • With exception to the mentoring supervision arrangements, the Supervisor must always have the highest allocation as they are administratively responsible for the student.  Also for this reason, a 50-50% split between Supervisor and Co-Supervisor is not permissible.

Standard Supervision Arrangements

Standard Supervision Arrangements

Mentoring Supervision Arrangements

Mentoring Supervision Arrangements