The associate supervisor(s)

One or more suitably qualified Associate Supervisors, from within or external to the student’s Enrolling Area, are appointed to provide complementary guidance in the fields of study required by the research program which may/may not be possessed by the Supervisor Rule 10: Degree by Doctor by Research and Rule 11: Degree of Master by Research, Sections 5(f) and 8(d)). This role may provide an introductory opportunity for involvement in supervision and lead to other supervisory roles.

In the absence of the Supervisor or internal Co-Supervisor for an extended period, an internal Associate Supervisor needs to be able to take over the practical supervision. Where this is not possible, the Head of Enrolling Area will nominate a replacement Supervisor.

The Associate Supervisor provides an alternate to the Supervisor, whom the student can call upon, when issues of personality come into the supervisory process.

An external Associate Supervisor, who is not a Curtin academic staff member, may also be appointed to assist in the supervision of a student’s higher degree. External Associates must be registered through the Human Resources online  Recommendation for Occupancy (RFO) system. This information is required for entry onto Alesco for transfer to the Student One system and is strictly confidential.

The Associate Supervisor role may also be a “training” role for persons new to supervision, enabling them to develop their skills under the mentorship of the Chairperson and Supervisor.