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Thesis submission

This section will guide you in your thesis submission. It is recommended that you review the guidelines for Submission of Thesis for Examination [.pdf]

Queries related to procedures for submitting your thesis should be directed to the Thesis Examinations Officer at

Copyright and release of thesis for examination

When submitting your thesis, you must sign a Copyright and Release of Thesis for Examination form, which grants Curtin University the right, following the award of the degree to display or copy any or all of the thesis for use within Curtin University and make available the thesis to other persons or organisations being either educational or industrial, for reference purposes or for other legitimate educational purposes.

The form also includes a declaration that your thesis chapters have been checked for originality through Turnitin.

Copyright of the thesis is retained by the student. The copyright in the thesis is not infringed by the library permitting the making of a copy for the purposes of research or study.

In addition, this form confirms that the work presented is yours alone and has not been submitted for another academic award. You must also confirm that you have emailed an Abstract, or short summary of your thesis of not more than 75 words, which has been approved by your supervisor, to the Thesis Examinations Officer for inclusion in the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement. A Graduate Statement shall be issued to students who have their degree conferred on or after 1 November 2010. Your supervisor, on behalf of the Thesis Committee, will also sign this form confirming submission for examination.

Enrolment status

Provided you have complied with the requirements for submission of thesis, the Thesis Examinations Officer will amend your enrolment status to Under Examination, which is the status you hold following submission of the thesis and prior to determination of the classification of the thesis by the University Graduate Studies Committee. When Under Examination, no fees are incurred.

Students download their e-invoice post enrolment, and do so each Research Period through OASIS eStudent. Fees calculated are pro-rata, up to the date of final submission of thesis.

For more information about downloading your e-invoice, please visit Fees at Curtin.

Supervisor's approval

Rule 10: Degree of Doctor by Research and Rule 11: Degree of Master by Research, Section 11(h) provides that you may not submit your thesis for examination without the recommendation of your supervisor on behalf of the Thesis Committee. Your supervisor will complete the relevant section of the Copyright and Release of Thesis for Examination form.

In the rare case you wish to submit but your supervisor will not recommend the thesis for examination, Rule 10: Degree of Doctor by Research and Rule 11: Degree of Master by Research, Section 11(h) states that you may request that your thesis be sent for examination in accordance with doctoral/master Section 15 Grievance Procedures.

Title page approval

You are required to have your thesis title page approved before submission. The format for the title page is detailed within the Thesis examination section in Thesis Title Page Details. Please email your title page to the Thesis Examinations Office. Your title page must be checked to confirm that the title and layout are both correct.

Please note that if you wish to change your title from that approved at candidacy you must first submit an Variation to Candidacy Details form.

For recipients of scholarships, please contact the Scholarships Manager in the Office of Research & Development. Scholarship recipients may be eligible for reimbursements regarding binding fees. For further information regarding postgraduate research scholarships, visit the Graduate Research School scholarships page.