Student forms

Where relevant, guidelines associated with the below forms are located on the student policies and procedures page.  This section contains student forms only, staff should refer to the HDR staff forms page.

To access the documents in pdf format download Adobe Reader.

Candidacy forms

It is recommended that users download the two following editable forms rather than editing them in their browser.

To download – right click on the link and, depending on browser, select either “Save link as”, “Save target as”, or “Download”.

To edit – open from the location where the document was saved.

Note: Appendix A is a standalone document for students who have recently submitted for candidacy using the previous iteration of the Application for Candidacy/Conversion of Candidacy form.

Conference support & travel approval

Note:  Please save form to desktop before completing the form.  By completing this form, you will no longer be required to complete a separate Student Travel Approval form.

Digital thesis submission

Enrolment and change of enrolment

Note:  The Collaborative PhD Campus Transfer form is only to be utilised by students who are enrolled in a Collaborative PhD Program at Curtin University and commence enrolment from an offshore location.

For further information about Leave of Absence, Annual Leave or Sick Leave see the During Candidacy section of the Guidelines for research students.

Essential facilities

  • Consumables and Fieldwork Expense Application [.pdf – 104 kB]

    Note:  This is application form is only to be utilised by students who have achieved candidacy prior to 1 July 2015.  Students achieving candidacy on or after 1 July 2015 should refer to the student guidelines surrounding the HDR Student Consumables Allowance in the section mentioned below.

For further information about Essential Facilities, refer to Essential facilities section in Student policies and procedures.

Thesis examination

Please note that from 1st July 2016, thesis chapters must be submitted through Turnitin for originality checking, prior to submission of the thesis to the Thesis Examinations Office.