Curtin’s driverless bus

Curtin is the first Australian university to trial a commercial driverless bus. This trial will contribute to the growing field of research in automated driving technology.

Name our bus!

We want your help to name Curtin’s driverless bus. Submit your suggestion before 29 March 2017 and you’ll go in the running to win a $500 Coles Myer gift card. And if you don’t win, don’t despair because you could still get a ride on the bus for you and three of your closest friends.

Why trial an autonomous bus?

Once confined to science fiction, automated technology is now an everyday reality. Curtin’s autonomous bus will help contribute to research that will explore the safest and most efficient ways to integrate technologies into our lives.

More about the potential for driverless technology and the research we’re undertaking

How it works:

  • The bus runs on 100 per cent electricity.
  • It uses input digital programming, remote sensors and GPS to determine its route and navigate obstacles.
  • The shuttle can carry up to 11 passengers and safely drive up to 45km per hour.
  • A chaperone will be in the bus to monitor its performance, and can manually operate the controls if required.

Safety announcement

Curtin’s autonomous bus will be operational from the end of March. It will travel on a pre-determined route from building 304 to 408. The bus contains remote sensors, stereo cameras and GPS systems to detect obstacles, however, it’s important that pedestrians, cyclists and those operating vehicles be mindful of the bus if travelling along this route.