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Biometric market research laboratory

We are looking for clients who would like to use the Biometric Market Research Laboratory or partners who can assist us in developing the service for a wider client base. Potential growth partners include investors, market research companies or consultancies who are looking to license and grow the opportunity.




Biometric Market Research Laboratory

Summary of technology

Measurement of biometric indicators such as facial expression, eye gaze, heart rate, and brain function for monitoring activity, fitness, health and safety are becoming increasingly prevalent. As a result, sensing devices have reduced in price and have increased portability.

Within our School of Marketing at Curtin University, our team of researchers have developed the Biometric Market Research Laboratory – an integrated approach to measure subject reaction using biometrics sensors and analysis. We provide measurement and analysis to determine a subject’s psychological reaction to any marketing content – whether that be an advertisement, branding, shop display, or even a political speech.

By measuring physiological reactions including eye gaze, pupil dilation, brain activity, facial expression, skin conductance and heart rate, we can inform a client how a person truly responds to a marketing stimulus, rather than the traditional methods of surveys or interviews.

An early application of the Biometric Market Research Laboratory is optimisation of display shelf layout for a premium chocolate retailer. Other projects include investigation of consumer response to product packaging and the introduction of new brands into Asia.


  • Objectively assesses the nature and intensity of psychological response.
  • Use in the lab or in the field as the project requires.
  • Unique analysis techniques integrates and interprets the data streams.

Research team

The Biometric Market Research Laboratory is managed by the Luxury Branding Research Cluster in the School of Marketing. Headed by Professor Ian Phau, the team also includes Dr Min Teah, Dr Isaac Cheah and Dr Billy Sung. The team has a long history of research and industry engagement across marketing, luxury branding, psychology and neurobiology.

Stage of development

The laboratory is fully operational and currently available for use.

Intellectual property

We have developed unique processes and software to design experiments and to expertly integrate and interpret the streams of data.