Curtin’s fundamental research input to the defence sector, in partnership with Federal and state governments and industry, will build the industrial capabilities that support Australia’s local, regional and global security responsibilities.

At Curtin, more than 12 research hubs are focusing on applied research that is highly relevant to the Royal Australian Navy and national defence sector.

Across a range of engineering, mathematics, science disciplines, and strategic and defence studies we are continually adding to our expertise in:

  • maritime policy and strategy
  • maritime domain analysis
  • hydrodynamics and vessel interactions
  • remote sensing and satellite systems
  • hydro-acoustics and mapping
  • subsea engineering
  • computational modelling
  • communications and signal processing
  • corrosion science and materials science
  • transport logistics and process optimisation
  • whole-of-life infrastructure management
  • structural monitoring and protection
  • occupational health & safety
  • energy systems.

In addition, new programs at Curtin will support innovation and capacity-building in regional security and strategy, natural disaster and emergency response practices.

The Federal Government’s renewed interest in defence-specific R&D also brings significant opportunities for strategic collaborations in this space. Accordingly, Curtin anticipates being a fundamental contributor and an innovator in the area of national defence capabilities.

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You can email the Curtin Defence Network at or get in touch with the Office of Research and Development.