Radiation project applications

All procedures involving radioactive substances, high powered lasers (class 3B or 4), x-ray or neutron emitting apparatus or UV transilluminators require the user to apply for approval from the University Radiation Safety Committee before starting the work.

To ensure the appropriate School personnel are aware of the proposed work the application form must be signed by the following:

  1. Principal investigator for the project
  2. Radiation licence holder (if the principal investigator does not hold the licence)
  3. School/Departmental Radiation Safety Supervisor (RSS) (or, if this role is vacant, the Head of School)

The application form must then be sent to the University Radiation Safety Committee for approval. (Send completed application form to University RSO, Office of Research and Development, building 100, or email to radsafety@curtin.edu.au). Where the duration of the project extends beyond the expiry date of the licence, a review date will be provided. For amendments to the existing application, an amendment form must be submitted.

For more information contact your local RSS or the University RSO.

Download and complete the relevant form

  • Radioactive materials (e.g. Sealed or Unsealed Sources, Ores, NORM, Reagents, Gauges) [.docx – 51kB]
  • Class 3B or 4 lasers (e.g. Research, Mapping, Medical, Surveying, Entertainment) [.docx – 52kB]
  • X-ray or neutron equipment (e.g. Medical, Analysis, Dental, DEXA, Portable, Neutron generator) [.docx – 53kB]
  • Transilluminators [.docx – 48kB]
  • Amendments (To make changes to projects with current approval numbers) [.docx – 48kB]