Hazard Identification Tool (HIT)

If you need assistance, please email the ORD Hazardous Materials Office.

Identifying the hazards associated with hazardous materials

Before conducting research or teaching activities at Curtin, you must identify the hazards inherent in your work, document your safety protocols in a written risk assessment, and seek any approvals you need from Curtin or Government regulatory bodies.

The above link will take you to the Hazard Identification Tool (HIT), which will assist you in identifying the chemicals, radiation, biological and environmental hazards associated with your work. When you have submitted the Tool, you will get feedback about any approvals you need to seek from Curtin or Government regulatory bodies before you can begin work and advice about the appropriate controls for your risk assessment.

The HIT for HDR students should be filled out as part of the candidacy approval process. Other students should use the HIT if directed to do so by their Supervisor. The HIT for Staff can be used by new staff when planning, and by existing staff when changing or reviewing activities.

Health and safety risk assessment

All research, (even that which does not involve hazardous materials) requires a risk assessment to be completed. This is to ensure that you identify the hazards associated with your research and that appropriate controls are put in place. Please go to the Health, Safety and Emergency Management website and complete the Generic Risk Assessment form. Should your research be classed as fieldwork education (See definition) please complete the fieldwork documentation also found via the HSEM webpage. For assistance with completing the forms email HSEM and one of their advisors will contact you.