Research governance

Research governance is concerned with the quality, safety, privacy, risk management, financial management and ethical acceptability1 of research.

Research governance encompasses both the ethical review of research and the institutional considerations about undertaking research.

The research governance framework at Curtin ensures research conforms to relevant institutional and national standards, applicable laws and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. For more information on Curtin’s Research Governance Framework visit the managing your research page.

Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Research policies

Curtin’s research policies and procedures were updated and approved in September 2015.

These changes underwent a period of public consultation with the Curtin Academic community in August 2015. Responses to the public consultation have been addressed.

The following policies and procedures were amended:

New policies and procedures that were approved were:


Managing authorship is important to demonstrate research integrity in the dissemination of research findings. Authorship agreements must be in place before the results of research findings are to be drafted for dissemination.

To assist in obtaining agreement of authorship before a publication the Authorship Agreement template has been developed.