The co-supervisor

A Co-Supervisor may also be appointed as part of a student’s supervisory panel (Rule 10: Degree by Doctor by Research and Rule 11: Degree of Master by Research, Sections 5(g) and 8(e)). A Co-Supervisor shall be a staff member or an adjunct member of staff or an emeritus professor and be from within or external to the student’s Enrolling Area. The Co-Supervisor will take an equal academic role to the Supervisor in terms of supervising the student. However, responsibility for the administrative procedures relating to candidature is assigned to the person nominated as supervisor.

In the absence of the supervisor for an extended period, an internal co-supervisor needs to be able to take over the practical supervision. Where this is not possible, the head of enrolling area will nominate a replacement Supervisor.

All external Co-Supervisors are required to hold an adjunct or emeritus appointment at Curtin.