Supervisor induction

Induction sessions

HDR Supervisor Induction sessions are held at the beginning of each semester, and are designed for:

  • new academic staff, or;
  • those who are beginning the process of supervision of higher degree by research students.

To register, select the next available session from the iPerform ‘Browse for Training’ section and searching for ‘HDR Supervisor Induction’.  Once located, you ‘Request’ the session.  If no sessions are available, or if you require further information prior to the next session please email us.

Staff who attend shall be considered to have met the professional development criterion necessary for entry to the register of supervisors of Higher Degree by research students.

Supervisor induction sessions

The next HDR Supervisor Induction session is tentatively scheduled for Thursday 16 February 2017, 9.15am – 12.30pm. From

From early December, you will be able to register via iPerform, accessible by logging into Staff Oasis and selecting the ‘My Work’ tab. Having selected iPerform, click on ‘Browse for Training’ and search for ‘HDR Supervisor Induction’. You then ‘Request’ the session. An automatic email with details will be sent to you, along with the appointment in your Calendar.