History of the Haydn Williams Fellowship

Haydn Williams Fellows 1980 – current


Professor Curtis Eaton

Professor of Economics at the University of Calgary, Canada
Discipline: Applied microeconomic theory
Proposed by: TBA


Professor Ron Gillam

Raymond L and Eloise H Lillywhite Chair in the Department Communication Disorders and Deaf Education at Utah State University, USA
Discipline: Assessment and treatment of children with language impairments
Proposed by: TBA


Professor Stanley Metcalfe

Emeritus Professor University of Manchester, UK
Discipline: Economics/Public Policy
Proposed by: TBA


Professor Kunal Basu

Reader in Marketing Said Business School and Fellow Templeton College at Oxford University
Discipline: Marketing and Creative Writing
Proposed by: TBA


Dr Mary Stockade

Director of Land and People Information Sharing, Victoria BC Canada
Discipline: Sustainable Resource Management/Community-based non-timber forest product resource management
Proposed by: Professor Louis Evans Executive Director Centre for Sustainable Mine Lakes Division of Resources and Environment


Professor Amiya Bagchi

Founding Director of the Institute of Development Studies Kolkata (IDSK) University of Calcutta, India
Discipline: Economist/Political Economist
Proposed by: Professor John McGuire Director South Asia Research Unit Division of Humanities


Professor Johan Galtung

Retired Versonnex, France
Discipline: Peace Studies/Human Rights
Proposed by: Professor Jim Ife Director Centre for Human Rights Education Division of Humanities


Professor Sidonie Smith

Women’s Studies Program University of Michigan, USA
Discipline: Life-writing and feminist/gender theory
Proposed by: Professor Brian Dibble School of Communication & Cultural Studies


Professor John E Tilton

Division of Business & Economics Colorado School of Mines, USA
Discipline: Mineral Economics
Proposed by: Professor Phillip Maxwell WA School of Mines


Dr William S French

Senior Executive Vice President (formerly) Petroleum Geo-Services Durango, Colorado USA
Discipline: Petroleum Geophysics
Proposed by: Professor John McDonald Petroleum Geophysics Dept of Exploration Geophysics


(1) Professor Mabel Rice

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of Kansas
Discipline: Paediatric Public Health
Discipline: Dr Kate Taylor Speech & Hearing

(2) Professor David Hughes

Wye College, University of London
Discipline: Agribusiness and food marketing
Proposed by: Dr Martin Bent Muresk


Professor Dick Hebdige

Unable to take up invitation due to ill health

California Institute of the Arts Valencia, California
Discipline: Cultural Critic & Scholar Cultural Studies and Contemporary Art
Proposed by: Associate Professor Ted Snell School of Art Division of Humanities


(1) Professor Bryan Woodward

Loughborough University, Leicestershire UK
Discipline: Underwater Acoustics Australian-European Joint Research
Proposed by: International Office/Centre for Marine Science and Technology

(2) Professor Florence Clark

University of Southern California
Discipline: Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
Proposed by: School of Occupational Therapy


Professor Barry Dent

Did not take up appointment

Institute of Ecology & Resource Management, University of Edinburgh Scotland
Discipline: Agricultural Systems
Proposed by: Muresk Institute of Agriculture


No appointment made


Professor Henry Albinski

Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania USA
Discipline: Political Science (AUS & NZ)
Proposed by: School of Communication & Cultural Studies


Professor Patsy Healy

University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
Discipline: Urban and Regional Planning
Proposed by: School of Architecture and Planning


Professor Robert Sheriff

University of Houston, Houston USA
Discipline: Geophysical Sciences
Proposed by: Department of Exploration Geophysics


Professor Stephen Brookfield

Did not take up appointment

Columbia University, New York USA
Discipline: Adult Education
Proposed by: Division of Academic Affairs


Dr James F Evans

University of Illinois, Illinois USA
Discipline: Agricultural Communication
Proposed by: School of Communication & Cultural Studies and Muresk Institute of Agriculture


Dr Wolfgang Paul Menzel

University of Wisconsin, Madison USA
Discipline: Meteorology
Proposed by: School of Physics & Geosciences


(1) Professor Vanja A Holm MD

University of Washington, Seattle USA
Discipline: Paediatrics/Prader-Willi Sydrome
Proposed by: School of Physiotherapy

(2) Professor Peter Warr

University of Sheffield, Sheffield UK
Discipline: Occupational Psychology Research
Proposed by: School of Psychology


Professor Fred Noel Spiess

University of California, USA
Discipline: Marine Science & Technology/Oceanography
Proposed by: Centre for Marine Science & Technology


No appointment made


Professor Jane Butler Kahle

Purdue University, Indiana USA
Discipline: Science Education/Women in Science Education
Proposed by: Science & Mathematics Education Centre


Professor Sun Xiaoxiang

Beijing Forestry College, China
Discipline: Landscape Architecture
Proposed by: School of Architecture & Planning


Professor Peter C Compes

Wuppertal University, German Federal Republic
Discipline: Occupational Safety
Proposed by: School of Community Health/Centre for Advanced Studies


Professor Roger Kaufman

Florida State University, Florida USA
Discipline: Needs Assessment & Policy Analysis
Proposed by: Faculty of Education (Foundation Studies)


Professor Frederick Reif

University of California Berkeley, California USA
Discipline: Mathematics & Science Education
Proposed by: Science & Mathematics Education Centre


Professor Leonard Diller

New York University Medical Centre New York USA
Discipline: New York University Medical Centre New York USA
Proposed by: School of Occupational Therapy

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