Haydn Williams Fellowship

Dr Haydn Williams masterminded the establishment of WAIT along with George Hayman and was the institute’s inaugural director from 1967-1979. During his leadership, Williams built the foundations upon which Curtin University is built, while enrolments grew from approximately 2,800 to more than 12,000 students.

Williams’ leadership gave WAIT a strong sense of integrity and gave equal opportunity to those disadvantaged by physical or social handicap, background or place of residence. His focus on communication with the wider community saw the development of courses that were relevant to the needs of industry.

Williams’ contribution to the development of Western Australia and to education throughout Australia was recognised in 1977 by his being named Western Australia’s Citizen of the Year in the professions, and by the Award of the Queen’s Jubilee Medal. In 1978 he became a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

The Haydn Williams Fellowship recognises visionary service to WAIT, to education and to the community of Western Australia. The Fellowship is awarded to academics of outstanding international reputation in order to foster the continued growth and development of Curtin University.

Responsibilities of the Haydn Williams Fellow

The Haydn Williams Fellowship is offered to an academic of outstanding international reputation and broad academic interest. The Haydn Williams Fellow will build Curtin’s engagement with the global academic community and reach out to industry and the community through broad representation and engagement of Curtin staff

The fellowship will facilitate the building of long term alliances between Curtin University and leading international academic institutions, and to engage with the Office of Research and Development and/or the Office of Assessment, Teaching and Learning to foster the developing relationship. It is expected that the Haydn Williams Fellow will normally travel to Curtin University in two consecutive years for a period of at least 2 weeks for each visit to allow the research alliance to build and mature. It is also expected that the Haydn Williams Fellow will promote Curtin University externally and particularly foster the building of a relationship with their home institution, and can be in conjunction with study leave or other academic visits.

The Haydn Williams Fellow is expected to present public lectures, to offer specialist seminars or workshops in their discipline, to engage in cross-disciplinary activities, and to engage with members of the Curtin research and/or teaching community, including staff and students. It is expected that the Fellow will be supported by, and engage with, researchers and scholars within more than one discipline to encourage multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.


Applications should clearly address the selection criteria. There is no fixed format for applications, which should not normally exceed five pages in length (plus attached CV).  Applications should include:

  • Name and contact details of the potential Haydn Williams Fellow;
  • name(s) of proposer(s) and evidence of the support of School(s);
  • a full Curriculum Vitae of the applicant should be attached;
  • a statement detailing any additional information on the applicant’s academic standing (optional);
  • a statement detailing any synergies with Curtin University’s strategic directions, and anticipated benefits to Curtin University;
  • details of the proposed duration and program for each visit (minimum of two visits of two weeks in consecutive years), including any proposed interdisciplinary interaction on campus;
  • any proposed engagement of external and community groups; and potential for attracting media coverage.


Applications should include a budget, noting that the total funding available for the 2015/2016 Haydn Williams Fellow is $30,000 for two (or more) visits. The budget could include:

  • Any other financial assistance (from either Curtin University or external funds)
  • Economy Airfare for Haydn Williams Fellow
  • Settling-in-allowance (up to $500 Aus)
  • Assistance with living and incidental expenses (expressed as a daily value) including accommodation and vehicle hire if required.

Selection criteria

  • Academic excellence of the candidate.
  • Alignment with Curtin strategic growth.
  • Level of multidisciplinary support from within Curtin (support from more than one School will be advantageous).
  • Level and breadth of proposed academic and community engagement during the visit.
  • Potential for building an ongoing academic alliance.

Membership selection panel

  • CHAIR: Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research (or nominee).
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor, Education (or nominee).
  • Chair of Academic Board (or nominee).
  • A Dean of Research (nominated by the Deans of Research).
  • Executive Officer.

Closing date for applications

Friday 29th January 2016
Email Submissions to Professor Brett Kirk
Email: brett.kirk@curtin.edu.au
cc ORD-Grants@curtin.edu.au

For further information, please contact Professor Brett Kirk (Associate DVCR), Office of Research and Development. Telephone: 9266 2155 Email: brett.kirk@curtin.edu.au

Responsibilities of the Office of Research and Development and the Office of Assessment, Teaching and Learning

  • The Office of Research and Development will oversee the administration of the Haydn Williams Fellowship on behalf of the University.
  • As appropriate to the particular Fellow, the Offices of Research and Development and the Office of Assessment, Teaching and Learning will engage with the Haydyn Williams Fellow to foster the development of relationships between Curtin University and the Fellow’s home institution.
  • The Office of Research and Development will liaise between the Fellow; the Host School(s); Corporate Relations and Development; and the Office of Assessment, Teaching and Learning to ensure broad engagement with the Fellow at a strategic level during the Fellow’s visits.

Responsibilities of the corporate relations and development portfolio

  • Communicate with the Fellow prior to arrival to negotiate on appropriateness and acceptance of a proposed program of events.
  • Promote the visit of the Fellow and the proposed program of activities.
  • Market and co-ordinate arrangements for the public lecture, cocktail function and other planned events.
  • Liaise with and assist the School/Dept with marketing and co-ordination of other activities in the program.

Responsibilities of the host school(s)

  • Develop and submit the required application materials.
  • In consultation with the Fellow, arrange suitable accommodation and travel.
  • On arrival, welcome the Fellow and escort him/her to pre-arranged accommodation. On departure, provide transport from accommodation to the airport (or other location) if required, and farewell the Fellow.
  • Accompany and introduce the Fellow to all activities and people involved in the program, within and external to the University.
  • Meet with the Events Co-ordinator and, if necessary, the Public Relations team at least three months prior to the Fellow taking up residence at Curtin in order to plan events (for example: Public Lecture(s) including the “Haydn Williams Lecture”, Reception Cocktail Function, Workshops or Seminars to maximise exposure and introduce the Fellow to key interested parties/groups in the Curtin and external communities.
  • Provide a short bio of the Fellow for inclusion in advertising material and for dissemination to the wider University.
  • Provide, two months prior to the Haydn Williams Lecture, the topic and a brief description for all scheduled events, together with suggested invitation lists.

Responsibilities of the Haydn Williams Fellow selection committee and its Executive Officer

  • Communicate with the host School/Dept in respect of all approval advice.
  • Communicate a formal invitation to the Fellow and receive acceptance of the invitation.
  • Advise Events Management and Public Relations within the Communications portfolio to the Fellowship once it has been confirmed.
  • Initiate a contract for the Fellowship through Human Resources, detailing the remuneration package that is approved by the Committee.
  • Provide funding for the Fellowship as approved in the Application, marketing and hospitality costs associated with the public lecture and cocktail function.
  • Participate in negotiations with Events Management and Public Relations in respect of the public lecture, cocktail function and other scheduled events; particularly in relation to the style and expenditure levels for these functions.
  • Receive the final itinerary for the program for communication to Selection Committee Members, who may wish to attend particular events or who may be directly involved in them.