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How are Curtin Fellows making tomorrow better?

“Curtin Fellow Wins Prime Ministers Prize for Science” – Dr Kate Trinajstic

Senior Curtin Research Fellow, Dr Kate Trinajstic, won a coveted Prime Minister’s prize for science for her ground breaking work in the preservation of fossilised soft tissue of ancient fish.

“It’s not just how you play the game” – Dr Sean Gorman

Determining the effectiveness of the AFL’s ‘Rule 30’ will provide more knowledge about how ethnic harmony and diversity can be achieved throughout the community.

“Applied geology gets steamed up” – Professor Steve Reddy and Dr Katy Evans

Geothermal power – exploiting heat stored in the earth – is proving to be an efficient, sustainable energy source for an increasing number of population centres worldwide. Locally, Curtin’s Institute for Geoscience Research is helping determine the capability for hot fluids from the Perth Basin to be extracted for geothermal power.

“Diversity on the board” – Dr Jeremy Galbreath

The ratio of men to women at board director level is about 10:1 for firms listed in the ASX200. Many firms could be strategically addressing the imbalance now that research from Curtin’s Graduate School of Business has shown they may be better equipped to address sustainability if women serve on the board.