Funding types

Below is a guide to classifying opportunities.

Grant funding

Funding may be classified as grant funding where the funding body is listed on the Australian Competitive Grants Register, the University controls the intellectual property arising from the activity or the funding body made a general or open call for applications. With grant funding, the funding body receives no direct value from the activities although the activities align with its interests. In addition, there is also generally no restrictions on the publication of results, in fact publication is encouraged.

Contract research

Contracted research is often conducted for industry, government or private organisations where the activity has been commissioned – that is the activity has been defined explicitly for or by the organisation and will directly benefit that organisation. The funding organisation receives a product or service in exchange for their funding, and intellectual property is either owned by or subject to a degree of control of the funding organisation. Publication may be possible but is often subject to delay periods and review by the funder.


A donation is a gift of money or property which is made voluntarily as an act of benefaction on the part of the donor to the University with no material gain or benefit expected in return. Donations: may be directed toward a specific purpose or left at the University’s discretion; can be given by an individual, business, trust, foundation, association or other tax-paying entity (Donor), but does not include government (Federal, State, Local, International) funding; and include any monies received by the University because of the gift of money (such as interest payable).

The Office of Advancement has the definitive call as to whether funding is classified as a donation, and under Curtin University Statute 14 all donations must be received firstly into a cost centre under the control of the Curtin Foundation.

The administration of donation funding received for the purposes of, or dedicated to, research must be abide by all processes in place for research administration.