Costing and pricing research projects

All research projects should, at minimum, be priced to recover the full cost of the activity from the funding organisation. It is only in specific circumstances, approved by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research, that the University subsidises research activity funded by an external organisation.

Exceptions to full cost recovery are:

  1. Australian Competitive Grants – where the University receives additional Commonwealth funding to offset the cost of activity funded under these programs;
  2. Cooperative Research Centres where the University is a Core Participant;
  3. Where explicitly excluded by the funding body – which is confirmed by Research Administration Officers; or
  4. Where granted a waiver from full cost recovery by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research – by application through a Research Administration Officer.

Projects should be costed and priced using the costing tool within the SCRIPT Project Module, in collaboration with a Research Support Officer. The exceptions are grants such as the ARC and NHMRC schemes which involve comprehensive budgets, under grant specific rules, loaded into an external grant system.