Closing a funded research project

A funded research project can only be considered closed once all contractual obligations have been met. This includes:

  1. Provision of all deliverables to the funding organisation;
  2. Logging a copy of all deliverables (for example progress and final reports) on the official file through Research Support;
  3. An acquittal of associated cost centres. In some cases, this is a requirement under the contract and a deliverable to the funding organisation. Even if not a contract requirement this must be done at the end of the project; and
  4. Dealing with surplus funds. Under the contract, unexpended funds may need to be returned to the funding organisation (e.g. ARC, NHMRC). If not, then surplus funds will be removed to a general cost centre and the project cost centre closed. Note that surplus funds that remain with the University are Curtin funds and must be dealt with as such.

See managing your research for how to deal with research data, records and outcomes.