Academic integrity

All members of the academic community at Curtin have a role in maintaining the values associated with academic integrity to ensure a Curtin degree continues to retain its esteem. When you enrolled at Curtin, you entered an academic community which upholds five core values:


Academic honesty underpins respect for, and the development of, knowledge. Researchers must be honest in their research and in their dealings with other staff and with students.


Trust follows academic honesty. Society trusts an academic institution which demonstrates commitment to academic integrity through its mission, public work and in how it deals with employees and students. Researchers are trusted by the institution to uphold honest scholarly enterprise.


Everyone in an academic community expects to be treated fairly. Fairness is expressed in the institutions’s standards, practices and procedures, and in all interactions between the institution, its staff and its students.


Respect comes from meeting high and honourable expectations. Society has respect for an academic institution which upholds high standards of conduct in learning, teaching and research. Respect among those in an academic community means interacting with civility and justice, and with value for others’ worth and work. Respect for oneself comes form active and honest involvement in the learning and academic process.


The academic community has the right to expect the principles of academic integrity and scholarship will be upheld. However, with rights come responsibilities. Responsibility for academic integrity and scholarship rests with every member of the community.

A Curtin degree has prestige in the wider community because if the commitment made to these values. Future employers and industry partners can be assured Curtin promotes academic integrity and expects researchers to behave honestly in the pursuit of their research, whilst taking responsibility for the integrity of their work.