Spin-out companies

Curtin’s spin-out companies

Neuromonics logo

Neuromonics is a healthcare company dedicated to helping people with tinnitus to improve their quality of life and overcome challenges associated with tinnitus. The company has been providing their clinically proven treatment in Australia since 2004, and now also has operations in the US.



Sensear logo

Utilising unique sound processing algorithms, Sensear markets a range of products that protect a users’ hearing in noisy environments while still allowing effective voice communication. In 2012 Sensear provided equipment to staff working at the London Olympic Games.



HiSeis logo

HiSeis has developed from underground imaging research performed at Curtin’s Centre for High Definition Geophysics. The company specialises in cost effective, high definition seismic reflection techniques using the latest vertical seismic profiling (VSP) technology and custom-designed 2D and 3D seismic survey methods.



iCetana logo

iCetana supplies intelligent video surveillance software that enables operators to focus only on the one percent of events requiring attention. The company has access to unique image processing algorithms developed at Curtin.



Renergi logo

Renergi Pty Ltd was established in late 2012 to commercialise renewable energy technologies developed at Curtin University. The company has exclusive rights to technology for:

  • conversion of biomass to electricity via a gasification process
  • production of liquid fuels from biomass that can be mixed with petrol or diesel.

A 100 kg/hr demonstration plant has been built for the gasification technology, for the production of a clean-burning, low-tar gas that can produce electricity at a low cost. The liquid fuels technology uses a two-stage process to pyrolyse and refine biomass into a useful fuel. Renergi aims to continue to develop and demonstrate biomass-to-energy technology, and to seek opportunities to enter the market.



Skrydata logo

Skrydata is using unique data discovery technology to deliver cleaner data, improved business processes and superior business intelligence to a variety of customers. Its technology is able to rapidly process large bodies of structured and unstructured data to uncover hidden relationships between data and the processes that create it, without the need to rely on domain knowledge or creating specific queries.



ePat Logo

The Electronic Pain Assessment Tool (ePAT) is designed to quickly and accurately detect, evaluate and document the severity of pain in patients with dementia.