2015 awards

The 2015 Curtin Commercial Innovation Awards were held at the State Reception Centre in Kings Park on Friday 18th September 2015. The luncheon was attended by Professor Peter Klinken Chief Scientist; The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Lisa-M Scaffidi; Professor Deborah Terry – Vice Chancellor Curtin University; and more than 300 representatives from Perth’s innovation, research, investment, education, and business communities.

This year’s competition attracted a record 46 applications from across the University with 12 applicants shortlisted to present to a panel of judges looking at novelty, level of development, market potential and competitive advantage. We would like to congratulate all the prize winners for their contribution to – ‘Make tomorrow better’.

Overall Winner 2015  Assisted finger orthosis

Congratulations to Dr Lei Cui, Professor Stelarc, Professor Garry Allison & Anthony Phan

The active finger orthosis is a simple device to improve patient recovery after finger tendon surgery, by controlling range of movement and working is assistive or resistive modes to build mobility and strength. The project is looking for partners to trial and license the technology.

Winner Science & Engineering Prize – Top dump mine waste management optimisation

Congratulations to Professor Erkan Topal, Yu Li & Zhao Fu

TopDump is a set of optimisation algorithms that allow an open cast mining operation to plan the nature and layout of their waste sites and couples this with a haulage schedule to maximise utilisation of the available vehicle fleet, minimise total haulage cost or achieve a balance between these two priorities. The research team are looking for a partner to further validate the routines with a view to licensing them to existing mine planning software providers.

Winner Health Sciences Prize – Protein recovery from whey

Congratulations to Dr Tuna Dincer, Dr Corinne Vallet & Professor Vijay Jayasena

A method of converting whey, a high volume waste from dairy manufacture (cheese or yoghurt making), into valuable products such as pig feed containing whey protein, thus reducing the existing cost and transportation requirements of waste processing and providing alternative revenues. This method is for small to medium size producers, and is ideally suited to WA-based producers.

Winner Business School Prize – Rate My Space

Congratulations to Dr Vanessa Rauland and Dr Samantha Hall

An interactive rating tool which allows people to evaluate and rate this immediate workspace, considering factors such as light, temperature, greenery, movement, and interaction with others. Each user gets immediate feedback and suggestions to improve the health effects of their workspace, while all responses will be collected to help develop benchmarks and comparisons for commercial office fitouts.

Winner Innovation in Education Prize – Knowledge Unlatched

Congratulations to Associate Professor Lucy Montgomery & Dr Frances Pinter

Knowledge Unlatched is a novel mechanism for ensuring that specialist academic books are more widely read by consolidating demand from libraries, offering publishers an up-front fee to cover the origination costs (or fixed costs) of a book provided they agree to make digital versions available free of charge under an open access licence. A small pilot has been run successfully and the next step is to engage more publishers and libraries and scale up the operation.

Hybrid drone

The BlackSwan UAV has been developed by a team of Curtin mechatronics students, combining the range and efficiency of fixed-wing unmanned aircraft with the manoeuvrability of a hovering multirotor system. The team are seeking community engagement to help fund the next prototype, so visit https://curtin.hubbub.net/p/BlackSwan-UAV to support and share the crowdfunding campaign.

For more information please see the press release.

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