Curtin Accelerate

If you’re a Curtin student, staff member or graduate looking to get an innovative business idea off the ground, take part in Curtin Accelerate – a free, ten-week program where you’ll be provided with the support and guidance you need to commercialise your idea.

What does the program offer?

If you qualify for entry into the program, you’ll receive:

  • a $5,000 equity-free grant
  • access to co-working space, bookable meeting rooms and IT infrastructure
  • access to key industry contacts and networks, including commercialisation experts, investors and potential partners
  • business start-up workshops designed and delivered by Yuuwa Capital Investment Director Matthew Macfarlane
  • 10-weeks personalised mentoring from specialists in digital marketing, business growth, intellectual property and finance to help build and improve your idea for commercial success.

Curtin Accelerate 2017

The Curtin Accelerate 2017 program will run weekly on Wednesdays (9 – 5pm) from January to March 2017 at the Curtin Graduate School of Business, based in the Perth CBD.

Following an application and pitching process, six teams have been chosen to participate in Curtin Accelerate 2017.

Contact information

For more information about the Accelerate program email Curtin Accelerate or telephone +61 8 9266 2548.

Previous teams

Thirteen businesses have passed through the Curtin Accelerate program, moving on to launch products, win awards and receive investment funding.

In 2016, five teams participated in Curtin Accelerate:


Fit-Out – Founded by Jennifer Vos

Jennifer Vos, the founder of Fit-Out, recognised that the processes in place for interior designers to perform furniture fit-outs were either extremely complicated or very rudimentary and often involved a disconnected range of tools.

Fit-Out solves these problems by simplifying the integration between the visual presentation and project workflow. The tool’s easy-to-use mobile interface provides a professional presentation for the interior designer to show to their client and enables the interior designer to spend more time doing what they love: designing.

Visit Fit-Out’s website.



Mud & Musk Logo

Mud & Musk – Founded by Haweya Ismail

MUD & MUSK is an online concept store built through the Curtin Accelerate program that offers quality, naturally derived DIY organic skin and hair care kits.

Customers are able to purchase customisable ready-made kits or choose from a selection of premium ingredients and tools to create their own recipes. MUD & MUSK offers a selection of traditional and contemporary recipes from across the globe, along with easy-to-follow tutorials, information and tips on DIY skincare, accessible from one central hub.

Sign up to our website to get updates on our launch date.


Accelerate logo

Rate My Space – Founded by Samantha Hall and Vanessa Rauland

The idea behind Rate My Space was to help organisations understand the impact that the quality of indoor space can have on human health, wellbeing and productivity in order to deliver the best outcome for their staff.

Rate My Space sends a brief online survey to staff, and then provides them with an immediate personalised productivity report with tips and advice on how to improve their workspace. Results are also aggregated so organisations can make informed property decisions. The primary target market for Rate My Space is the commercial property sector, although it also targets higher education institutions, such as Curtin University.

Find out more at the Rate My Space website.




Sciosity – Founded by Ryan Beckmand

The team behind Sciosity came up with an ingenious idea to build advanced virtual reality (VR) simulations for people in the academic and private sector to revolutionise the way technology is used to develop tangible and complex skills.

Sciosity uses existing course content and assessment criteria as a foundation to build tailored VR simulations in which a trainee or student can experience situations they would not otherwise experience due to danger or impracticality. Each trainee or student is tracked and challenged while using the simulation, to enhance their learning experience and to provide the assessor with a better understanding of their capabilities.

Visit Sciosity’s website.



Accelerate logo

Storekat – Founded by Kevin Forcier

Storekat was built upon the idea that anyone can make a supplementary income from the spare space they have at home with little-to-no effort, by connecting individuals who need storage with those who have extra space available.

Just like how people already use Uber, rent from Airbnb and buy handmade collectables on Etsy, Storekat believes in a global community that knows its neighbours, shares resources and lessens the amount of human impact upon the world.

For more information, visits the Storekat website.



Previous Participants

Builders Commerce Logo – founded by Chris Dorian is the fastest way to get building approvals, with an online process that takes the hassle, time and stress out of getting your building approvals.

Builder’s E-Commerce is the first ever E-commerce platform for builders. It is a white-labeled software that works by inputting your address, then allows a user to choose from the builder’s library of plans, drop it onto the site and then performs a planning check on that particular plan on that site. It then allows the user to signup to a Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA) and pay by credit card.

A PPA is a contract between builders and their clients just to produce plans and get soil tests and surveyors etc. it is standard practice that Builders then provide a contract price after this stage.

We collect data for the builder including email and address, and usage analytics. If they don’t complete a PPA, then the builders can use their sales staff follow up.

The app can be branded to any builders site using logos, fonts, colours buttons and change many aspects to give a custom look to each builder.


Vine Collective Logo

Vine Collective – founded by Ben Thomas

Vine Collective are WA wine specialists. We’re for the curious wine drinker dissatisfied with the level of wine knowledge, who are looking to expand their wine drinking experience. We offer a new way to explore wine, connecting you with 90+ boutique WA wine producers and delivering wine direct to your door. Unlike the generic, high volume wines you’ll find in major chain liquor stores, we celebrate true winemaking craftsmanship!


Acavista Logo

Acavista – founded by Ashley Aitken & Gillian Hatt

Acavista is developing an approach to education that offers total flexibility in learning by unbundling the teaching and learning from the course definition and assessment.  Acavista allows students to choose how they learn, when they learn, how fast they learn, and most importantly how much (or how little) they spend on learning on a unit-by-unit basis. Courses will be defined by external experts and organisations.

Acavista’s initial target market is experienced learners who are looking to obtain a further qualification in leading edge area for a promotion or career change.

Acavista’s approach will reduce the gap between what students learn and what industry needs, reduce the entry-level cost for higher education, and scale to meet the needs of all learners globally. It achieves this by embracing (but also by extending) aspects of competency-based and direct assessment approaches.