Consultancy services

Curtin manages consultancy and training programs through Research Support within the Office of Research and Development.

Some examples of commercial interaction between Curtin and external clients include:

  • Expert witness
  • Materials testing
  • Professional and continuing education
  • Training and development

Expertise is drawn from the following areas of Curtin:

Curtin Business School

Offers an array of business benefits including continuing education, executive and entrepreneurial development programs, and general consultancy services.

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Faculty of Health Sciences

Offers an extensive range of courses and professional education programs across an array of health professions – including the only courses in WA in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, human communication science, health information management and counselling psychology; advocacy; testing; and community service consultancies.

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Faculty of Humanities

Offers services in the areas of education, training and development; expert reporting.

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Faculty of Science and Engineering (including the Western Australian School of Mines)

Offers diverse services including: testing (material, structures, corrosion, friction); x-ray analysis; geomechanics and rock testing; mine surveys; geological analysis; environmental monitoring; accident investigation; reservoir management; expert witness services; professional and technical development courses.

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In the provision of services, the University draws upon Curtin’s human and capital resources and relationships, in a variety of fields and disciplines. Quotes for consultancy work are prepared in accordance with University policies.

Consultancy contact

For questions relating to consultancy activities please contact:

Research Support
Office of Research and Development
Level 1, Chancellory Building 100 Dumas Rd, Bentley, WA, 6102.

David Gall
Phone: +61 8 9266 7469
Fax: +61 8 9266 3048